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  Xixi     10-11-2020     Comments (0)

MAGIC MASK DONATION: Wear Your Magic Mask MAGIC MASK DONATION: Wear Your Magic Mask Most countries' new Covid-19 prevention measures state that People should wear a mask in all buildings and covered spaces that are accessible to the public. Thus, wearing face masks is strongly advised. If you don't have a face mask yet, we at MAGIC Bodyfashion suggest that you get one and wear it as required following the recommendations of medical professionals. It is the duty of protecting ourselves and protecting others. MAGIC Bodyfashion continues to grow our MAGIC Cares initiatives to focus on environmental solutions and social initiatives such as donations. Recently, MAGIC Bodyfashion donated hundreds of face masks via the MAGIC Cares program. We pledged to our consumers to donate masks after our customers make the purchase. We successfully organized the...

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MAGIC Supports Pink Ribbon to Create Miracles

  Xixi     30-09-2020     Comments (0)

MAGIC Supports Pink Ribbon to Create Miracles Have you ever heard of Pink Ribbon? Pink Ribbon is an international organization that is available for all people to engage with breast cancer awareness. The organization also works on projects and research on treatment, aftercare, and longterm effects of breast cancer. MAGIC Bodyfashion, joined the Pink Ribbon global charity platform for breast cancer awareness and funding last year. As October is “Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” MAGIC Bodyfashion has made an update on our impressive ' Pink Ribbon ' collection . Maybe you are wondering why we launch this event?  The answer is simple. MAGIC Bodyfashion creates all of our products with the thought “By Women, For Women.” We support women of all ages, sizes, and origins. With the initiative to help and care about...

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We Expanded Our Sustainable Collection

  Ruth     23-09-2020     Comments (0)

We Expanded Our Sustainable Collection We are happy to announce that we have expanded our sustainable collection with our newest sustainable products:  The DREAM ORGANICS  *applause*. You are already aware that MAGIC Bodyfashion is working hard on becoming more and more sustainable through the entire company since the last few years. Not only through our sustainable collections, but on several other ways. But, more about that later! First of all, introducing our Dream Organics collection. The Dream Organic collection consists of the following: The Dream Organics  Hipster , The Dream Organics  Panty  and The Dream Organics  Thong . This collection is made of natural and eco-friendly material which is much breathable and softer than...

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Face Masks: Here to Stay? 

  Ruth     06-08-2020     Comments (0)

Face Masks: Here to Stay?  Face Masks: Here to Stay?  Many people, and news sources, seem to think that protective face masks are here to stay.   Yes, I know you’ve heard and read a lot about this topic over the past months, and that’s for a very important reason. We as humans bear the responsibility to take care of ourselves and to protect the welfare of others. We should all have the same goal in mind and want this pandemic to be over as soon as possible. As one of the worlds largest body solution brands, we knew at the beginning of the pandemic that we had a social responsibility to do our part in the battle against Coronavirus. That is when we started producing our own Protective Face Mask collection with the added filter inserts for further protection. The face masks were only one part of our fight against this...

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MAGIC Cares: Taking Steps Towards Sustainable Fashion

  Rishma     05-06-2020     Comments (0)

MAGIC Cares: Taking Steps Towards Sustainable Fashion Eco-friendly, sustainable, bio-degradable, ethical….these are some of the terms that you are hearing a lot these days, and that for a very good reason. Sustainability is now more important than it has ever been, in order to save our planet. There are lots of things that you can do every single day to help our environment, making changes in the food we eat to the clothes we wear! So have you started making sustainable choices yet?  Sustainable fashion is one of the latest transitions in the fashion and textile industry. In the sustainable fashion scene, it’s not just about eco-friendly fabrics but also the whole sustainable process that goes into creating the products. For instance, using recycled materials, sourcing raw materials locally, reduced use of water during production etc. At MAGIC,...

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Share Your MAGIC: We Are In This Together

  Rishma     07-04-2020     Comments (0)

Share Your MAGIC: We Are In This Together This is our new reality. The word has changed so much over the last few weeks with the outbreak of coronavirus, in a way we could never have imagined. No family dinners, no parties with friends, no travelling, no visits to grandparents, this is hard for all of us! But now we are also aware that taking these measures is a small part that we can play in this much bigger crisis. Our the health professionals all over the world are working endless hours to help improve the situation, and we can help them by staying home, so that we can control the spread of the virus and not overwhelm the hospitals more than they already are.  At MAGIC Bodyfashion, we wanted to start a positive movement called "Share Your MAGIC". So first thing, we asked our team, our national and international partners and distributors and our brand...

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MAGIC Cares - Our Approach to Environmental Sustainability

  Rishma     24-02-2020     Comments (0)

MAGIC Cares - Our Approach to Environmental Sustainability We are facing some big challenges like Global Warming and Climate Change at present. Modern urbanization and industrial activities are negatively affecting our environment, as a result we are experiencing so many changes in the natural balance which have made it difficult for humans and wildlife alike. These issues are pointing us at MAGIC towards one direction – Environmental Sustainability , which means that, as a business, we should take on  this environmental challenge and strive to make our world a better place. It is our responsibility to make changes whenever and wherever we can so that our beautiful planet will remain that way or become even better in the future. MAGIC Bodyfashion BV  is acknowledging these issues and taking the right steps towards a sustainable future. We realize that sustainable...

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MAGIC Cares about Australia

  Liveta     31-01-2020     Comments (0)

MAGIC Cares about Australia The beginning of 2020 has not been easy so far. One of the incidents that have happened in the past month was the massive bush fire across Australia, which brought a lot of damage to nature and animals.  With all this happening, MAGIC Bodyfashion decided that the main focus of 2020 needs to be sustainability. Therefore, our MAGIC Cares Sustainably Program has been established. The program contains three main pillars reading sustainability: environmental, social and economic. This program has many goals and promises that MAGIC Bodyfashion will work and focus on in 2020.  Talking about the social pillar, the goals are to keep on contributing to donations, woman support, social movements, and employee volunteering. Therefore, after finding out about the critical situation in Australia, our team did not have to think twice...

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The Fight Against Breast Cancer

  Selina     02-10-2019     Comments (0)

The Fight Against Breast Cancer MAGIC Bodyfashion is known for the slogan ‘By Women, for Women’ and we support women of all ages, size and origin; which is why we love to support organizations like Pink Ribbon . An organization that has been supporting women for many years in their battle against breast cancer. Although this disease affects not only women; we want to help raise awareness and support their mission to create a breast cancer-free world. The Pink Ribbon charity finances projects and research on treatment, aftercare and longterm effects of breast cancer. Their mission is to help those who have, or have survived, breast cancer to have a better and prolonged life. For the ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month’ in October, we have launched a special ‘Pink Ribbon’ edition of one of our most popular...

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