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10 Simple Tips For A Healthy & Beautiful Skin

10 Simple Tips For  A Healthy & Beautiful Skin

A beautiful, glowing and healthy skin, is that too much to ask for? It seems as if it really is easier said than done to achieve that naturally glowing skin. However, it is not impossible. There are some simple things that you can do everyday to take care of your skin, so that you can achieve that healthy glow, which makes you feel beautiful, and even more importantly, confident! These tips do not include an extensive range of beauty products and a tutorial, this is about simple things that you can incorporate daily in your lifestyle to get that healthy skin naturally.

  1. Accept & Love Your Skin
The first thing you need to do is to accept and love your skin the way it is. It could be pale or dark, it could have scars or acne marks, do not try to hide them or change them. Only when you learn to love your skin, and think that it is beautiful no matter what, then you can properly take care of it. If you are using numerous products to try and remove marks, hide scars and get unnaturally fair or tan, that’s when you are harming your skin rather than taking care of it. So, loving and accepting your skin is the first step.

  1. Eat a healthy diet
Healthy skin on the outside primarily comes from the inside, and not from the outside. The foods that you eat every day largely impact how your skin looks. A diet full of fruit, vegetables, whole grains and proteins will have your skin looking at it’s best. The vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants that you can find in lots of plant-based foods contribute to a clear and healthy skin. You can treat yourself occasionally, but eating processed, sugary and oily foods mostly lead to breakouts and dull skin. So, keep it all balanced and try to follow an overall wholesome diet.

  1. Stay hydrated
Staying hydrated is extremely important, not just for your body but also for your skin. Water provides enough oxygen to your skin and helps get rid of toxins that cause blemishes. Not drinking enough water causes dehydration which can lead to dry skin and wrinkles. You will be surprised at what drinking enough water can do for your skin. So, drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day. It can be just plain water, infused water, soups or smoothies, just make sure that you are drinking enough fluids.

  1. Get enough sleep
You have surely heard of “beauty sleep”, well, it’s called that for a reason. Getting enough sleep every night is essential for having a healthy skin. While sleeping, your whole body is rested, and it repairs the skin cells. Not sleeping enough will put extra stress on your body which in turn will cause breakouts and other skin issues. Getting at lest 6-8 hours of sleep every night is necessary. Also, another thing to keep in mind is to keep your sheets and pillowcase clean. Not doing so can cause a buildup of grease and oil that can irritate your skin.

  1. Regular physical activity
You know that exercising regularly is great for your overall health, and that includes a healthy complexion too. Regular exercise can do wonders for your skin, besides keeping you healthy and strong. When exercising, the blood circulation throughout your body increases delivering oxygen and nutrients to all areas of your body and getting rid of toxins. So more physical activity means healthier skin.

Need a workout inspiration? Find MAGIC Bodyfashion's Active Wear Collection, and read our blog about a quick and easy workout routine! 

  1. Treat Your Skin Gently
While it is necessary to properly cleanse your skin, daily cleansing can have a toll on your skin. Try to use gentle and mild products that are right for your skin. Do not use hot water and go for lukewarm instead. Long showers with hot water and lots of steam can also leave your skin very dry. Pat dry your skin with a towel after washing, do not rub harshly. Rubbing can destroy the moisture in your skin and damage delicate skin.  

  1. Moisturize
Moisturizing your face is a must-do in skincare. It is an important step to maintain your skin’s healthy cells and protect it from dryness and irritation. Dry skin actually causes breakouts and acne. Moisturizing prevents any further breakouts by balancing your skin’s moisture and complexion. By moisturizing your skin every day, you can reduce your chances of any skin problems arising. Dry environment can also dry your skin out. Use a air humidifier at home to prevent dryness and protect the skin moisture.

Shop our Crystal Puff, which is perfect for applying liquid moisturizer or foundation on your face. Find other MAGIC accessories here
(Crystal Puff is currently free with purchase on MAGIC Bodyfashion webshop)

  1. Protect your skin from sun damage
This might be the most important tip in this list. Most people are not aware how sun damage has an adverse effect on the skin. A lifetime of sun exposure can cause spots, wrinkles and other skin problems – as well as the risk of skin cancer. To protect yourself from sun damage, always use sunscreen, even on a cloudy day and even if you don’t necessarily get a sunburn! Use at least SPF 30 and reapply every few hours during the day. Avoid the sun when you can and wear a wide-brimmed hat and other protective clothing.

  1. Keep it simple
It is easy to get sucked into the millions of ads of skincare products that promise to give you an instant healthy and beautiful skin. On top of that, skin care routines have gotten insanely complicated over the years, ranging from 10 to 15 steps of skincare. This means using products that have so many complicated ingredients which may not always be good for your skin. Try to keep it simple and of course, use what works best for you. Get a few good quality products that work for your skin and follow a simple skin care routine. As mentioned earlier, gentle cleansing, moisturizing and applying sunscreen are the most important steps in a skin care routine.

  1. Let your skin breathe
Let you skin breathe when possible. If you apply make-up every day, make sure to clean it properly at the end of the day. Never, ever, go to bed with your make-up on, no matter how tired you are. Skip make-up whenever possible. And like mentioned above, do not apply layers and layers of different products on your face and let your skin pores breathe naturally. Wearing heavy make-up can cause breakouts and then you put more make-up to cover it up, until it becomes a vicious cycle!

Following these ten steps is very easy and can be easily incorporated into your lifestyle, and it is definitely worth it at the end. There is no hard and fast method to get a glowing and healthy skin overnight, just keep at it and you can slowly see the results.
If you have free time on your days off from work or on weekends, do some extra pampering, put some facial masks on, relax on the couch while wearing comfy underwear and read a book. Take time to take care of not just your skin but your overall health and well-being!

Check out these comfortable underwear by MAGIC Bodyfashion:


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A Guide on How To Take Care of Your Bras Properly

A Guide on How To Take Care of Your Bras Properly

Bras are, without any doubt, one of your most worn pieces of clothing. It’s the first thing you put on in the morning and you wear it (almost) every day. May it be a comfortable seamless bra, a sexy lace bra or a sports bra, it is a really important piece of clothing for women. And you probably already know by now, you can’t actually wash and dry your delicate undergarments the way you do with other clothing items; using hot water and tumble-drying it in a dryer. Doing that will ruin the delicate fabrics and the shape of your bras. So that’s a big NO!

So, how exactly should you be washing and taking care of your bras?

The first question a lot of you might have is: how often should I wash my bras?
Washing your bras too often can wear out the materials, and the straps can lose their elasticity. But it is also not a good idea to wear the same bra for several days. The bra loses its shape after being worn several times without washing and it is not hygienic, so we don’t recommend that! The best to do here is to wear a different bra every day for a week or two-week period and wash them all together. This way, you are giving your bras rest between wears. This will keep the elastic in the bra intact, help the bra retain its shape and also saves you a lot of time. Yes, you will need to invest in more bras to keep you going for a week or two, but we assure you, it is a good investment, considering they will last longer!

Next, do I really need to hand-wash my bras?
Yes, hand-washing your bras is the best way to make sure a bra stays in good shape. You might not like the idea of doing this bit of laundry by hand, but it is really a lot easier than you think. Leave your bras in the sink with cold water and detergent for a while, and afterwards, rinse them out and hang them to dry in the shower or outside in the shade. Handwashing is also the best way to properly get rid of any transpiration stains and odors from your bra.

Now you might ask, can I machine-wash my bras inside a laundry bag?
Machine washing is not the ideal way to clean your bras, and we do not suggest it. You can still do it, you just have to make sure that your machine is on the gentle cycle, and the water is not hot (max 30°C). You need to make sure to put your bras inside a lingerie bag, and to not wash them together with other clothing items.

Now comes the drying part, Can I put my bras in a dryer?
The simple answer is, NO. You should never dry your bras in a dryer, this is the number one mistake that a lot of us make with bras. The heat and cycle can destroy the structure of the bra way faster and it will ruin the fabrics and elasticity of the bra. Dry them instead by hanging them on the shower curtain rod, or on drying lines in the shade or laying them flat on a towel. This way, you can make them last longer.

Another question is, what kind of detergent should I use to wash my bras?
The best thing to do is to buy a special gentle detergent that’s lingerie safe. You can use the detergent you already have at home, just make sure that it does not contain any alcohol or bleach. These ingredients can harm the delicate materials of a bra and make them deteriorate faster.

As we mentioned before, most of us have different kinds of bras for different occasions, so you might ask, do I need to wash different types of bras separately or differently?
No, you do not have to wash your different bras differently, or do something special for your special bralette than the other every-day bra. As long as you wash them all in the ways mentioned above, you can wash them all together, the same way.

Besides properly washing and drying, what else can I do to take care of my bras?
While you can take extra care while washing and drying your bras, there are some simple tips to take care of them. Always clasp and secure the hooks when you wash them. Next, properly putting your bra on also makes a difference. It is easier to clasp the hooks in front and twist the bra to the back, but well, that’s not a proper way to do it. This puts a strain on your straps and wears them out faster. The proper way to do it is by slipping your arms through the straps and then clasping the hooks on your back. Storing the bras properly in the drawers is also important. Do not fold one cup into another. Instead, lay the bras out flat and stack them on top of each other. When packing your bras in a suitcase, fill the cups with your panties or socks, it will help keep the shape intact.

Finally, always read the instructions on the tag of your bras and learn what all the wash & care instruction symbols mean. The majority of MAGIC Bodyfashion products are also instructed as hand-wash only, do not bleach, do not dry-clean, do not tumble dry and do not iron.

If you carefully follow these instructions, and follow our little tips and advice, your bras will stay as good as new for a long time! For more tips and information, check out our MAGIC blogs.

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Maternity Collection by MAGIC Bodyfashion: Must-Haves For New & Expecting Mommies

Maternity Collection by MAGIC Bodyfashion: Must-Haves For New & Expecting Mommies

Being a mother, for most women, is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences in life. Waiting and preparing for the baby to arrive is very exciting, but since your body goes through a lot of changes, it can also be physically and emotionally demanding. So, it is important to take care of your body and ensure that you feel comfortable. Hence, besides the crib, stroller, diapers and a list of other things you are buying for the baby, it is also necessary to get some maternity essentials for yourself. This will help ensure that you will have a comfortable pregnancy.

MAGIC Bodyfashion has an entire MAGIC Mommy Collection, including amazing support products, as well as nursing products for expecting and new moms. These comfy products will make the months before birth much easier for you, allowing you to enjoy your pregnancy and the birth of your baby a little more.
Read about the items in the MAGIC Mommy Collection below:

  1. Mommy Supporting Belly Band
The Mommy Supporting Belly Band by MAGIC Bodyfashion provides extra support during and after your pregnancy due to the special under bump supporting panel. This band is soft and seamless and is nearly undetectable underneath your clothes. It is made of a stretchy and breathable material which ensures no pressure on your belly and offers an ultimate all-day comfortable fit. Not only does it provide support for your growing bump, but it also gives extra support to your lower back.

  1. Mommy Supporting Dress
The Mommy Supporting Dress is made of super soft material and gives extra support to your belly and lower back, thanks to the built-in support panels. The dress has adjustable straps which you can adjust accordingly, ensuring that it fits perfectly. The seamless design of the dress makes it an ultimate comfortable wear all day long. The dress has a silicone strip at the bottom which prevents the dress from sliding up.

  1. Mommy Supporting Tank-top
Another essential wardrobe item for pregnancy is the Mommy Supporting Tank-top from the MAGIC Mommy Collection. The top has special built-in support zones around the belly and back area, which provide extra support and prevent aching in these areas. The tank-top is very comfortable and can be worn every day due to its soft material and seamless design. Like above mentioned supporting products, the tank-top is stretchy and hence, does not cause any extra pressure on your belly.

  1. Mommy Supporting Short
The Mommy Supporting Short is a must-have during, as well as after your pregnancy. The short has special built-in belly and back support zones, which help reduce the aching that most expecting moms experience during pregnancy. It also has a slimming effect on your upper legs and a lifting effect on your bottom. The short is fully seamless and soft and does not show underneath clothes. To prevent the short from sliding up, it has a silicone strip on the bottom.

  1. Mommy Supporting Tights
The Mommy Supporting Tights are amazingly soft and stretchy and allow enough room for your baby to grow. These 80 Denier tights are essential during your pregnancy, as they offer great support to your belly, back, and legs. The waistband sits above your belly for extra support and prevents it from sliding down. The seamless design and smooth material ensure ultimate comfort. Take a look at The Mommy Supporting Legging too!

  1. Mommy Nursing Bra
The MAGIC Mommy Nursing Bra is an item that should not be missing from your closet when the little one is there! It is seamless and wireless, ensuring ultimate comfort after giving birth and even during the pregnancy. Small clips are fitted onto the front of the straps, that can be easily opened with one hand, so you can nurse the baby easily. The bra has adjustable spaghetti straps and an adjustable back closure. It also has removable cups which provide a nice shaping effect but also a cushioning effect if your nipple area is feeling sensitive. You can choose from several colors and designs too, such as, Fancy Mommy Nursing Bra, Mommy Comfort Nursing Bra, Mommy Nursing Bra Dots and Mommy Nursing Bra Lace!

  1. Nursing Pads
The Mommy Nursing Pads are great for when you are pregnant or breastfeeding. They will absorb fluids and keep you feeling comfortable and secure. These pads are also really helpful when the nipple area is feeling sensitive. These super soft nursing pads are made of bamboo and cotton fibers. The Nursing Pads are washable, reusable, and can be used in any type of bra.

At MAGIC Bodyfashion, our main focus is to make sure that our underwear, shapewear and body solution products are comfortable as well as beautiful, and the same goes for our Maternity Collection. The supporting items in the collection are composed of Polyamide and Elastane, making them very stretchy and comfortable. Pregnancy is a special period in your life, and we want you to be at your utmost comfort while carrying the baby as well as after the baby is born. It is amazing what your body can go through so don’t forget to love your body and give it a little extra care and attention!

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7 Fashion Trends For Spring & Summer 2020: Rock These Outfits This Year !

7 Fashion Trends For Spring & Summer 2020: Rock These Outfits This Year !

Even though the world is still, nature isn’t. While we are confined to our houses, the weather is changing as usual and the beautiful spring season is upon us. Staying up to date with the latest spring and summer fashion might be the last thing on your mind right now, but you have more time to do a big spring cleaning of your closet and shop online! Now you might be wondering if you are up-to-date with the latest fashion trends,  so we have listed some of the biggest fashion trends for this years’ spring and summer season. So you can rock these looks when quarantine is over, or even right now when going for a walk (maintaining social distance, of course!).


  1. Puffed Sleeves
Puffed sleeves are back and it’s one of the biggest trends for this year! Fashion weeks in the biggest fashion capitals of the world projected some fashion trends for 2020, and puffed sleeved designs were the most prominent one on all these shows. These oversized, chunky sleeves creates the illusion of slimmer waist and adds an instant feminine touch to your outfit. These statement making sleeves were a success in the runways, and you can also rock them! Combine a puffed sleeved blouse with a pair of denims and flat sandals, or a puffed sleeved dress with a pair of white sneakers.
  1. Bra Tops
Bras as tops is one of our favorite trends for this year’s spring and summer. Gone are the days when you were worried about your bra showing under your shirt! The “underwear as outerwear” trend has officially taken over the fashion scene, and the trend is here to stay.
We must say that this look is bold, beautiful and feminine! At MAGIC Bodyfashion, we have the best bras that are perfect for rocking the look, you can find the cutest bras & bralettes! Our brand ambassadors are loving this trend and they’re sharing their looks as inspiration.

From Left to Right: @jessie.jaydee wearing The Dream Bra Lace,  @lindehigler wearing The Dream Bralette Lace, @lauravevere with Dream Bralette, @rosanneliene wearing The Bandeau Bra and @manonn_o with The Dream Bra.

Style these bras and bralettes with a nice denim jacket or a blazer, or rock it as a top with jeans, shorts or a skirt!

Not just the bras and bralettes, we also think that the Body's by MAGIC Bodyfashion are also totally stylish and perfect for this trend. Combine these beautiful body’s with a nice pair of jeans for a stylish look. Just look at these looks from our MAGIC Ladies!

From Left to Right: @lindehigler wearing The Be Pretty Body, @jenniferschijven wearing The Be Amazing Body, @milvarms with The Slim Body,  @silvastam in The Scallop Sheer Body and @nikkisietsema wearing The Be Pretty Body.
  1. Maximalist Trend
Make a statement with maximalist, bright and bold prints. This year, it’s all about ‘more is more’, the brighter the colors, the bigger the patterns, the better! If you are secretly a maximalist, this is your year. Even if you’re not, this trend will have you stepping out of your comfort zone! This trend is all about bright patterns, florals and daring textures. However, think before you jump on to the trend and start wearing a bright neon top with leopard printed trousers. Find the balance between trendy and chaotic  in the maximalist look. When it comes to maximalism, bigger is better, so some examples of this trend are maxi and tiered skirts, ruffled blouses and jackets with shoulder pads. Create a voluminous look with The Shoulder Pads by MAGIC Bodyfashion!
  1. Suit-Up
Just like in the year 2019, suits are still a big hit this year and one of the biggest trends. This tailored set is here for this year’s spring, and it has got some amazing upgrades. Unlike previous years, the suits have more of a feminine touch this year, more colors and patterns are in play such as pastel colors, striped patterns, plaids etc. And it’s not just about the classic pant suits, but also shorts suits and skirt suits! The suits are no longer just for formal wear, but they’re one of the key street style trends for 2020.
  1. Polka dots
Polka dots is the one print that is a staple in most of our closets, and it is a trend that never really goes away and loved by everyone (Remember That ZARA Dress?). In the spring and summer of 2020, polka dots are still a big hit, and there are some latest take on the pattern instead of the all black-on-white or white-on-black versions. Fashion designers this year took on more exciting colors and silhouettes this year such as polka dots suits, oversized puffed sleeved tops with polka dots, and not just on clothes but also polka dots on accessories such as bags, head bands and scarves! Just like the maximalist prints, the bolder the better, again. However, if you don’t want to go overboard with the dots, create a more subtle look with a polka dots tights, matching it with a cute skirt. Have a look at The Sexy Dots Tights by MAGIC Bodyfashion, and here’s a cute fashion inspiration from @jenniferschijven.

  1. Ruffles, Fringe & Prints
This summer/spring, you’ll see the fringe, pleats and ruffles design everywhere. Oversized ruffled blouses, long pleated skirts and bohemian fringe on clothes and accessories are super trendy this year. Ruffles were everywhere in 2019, and worn by all fashion influencers and celebrities, and this trend is just as popular this year. Create a very feminine look with ruffled blouses, dresses and skirts! Next, Fringes; you can find it on jackets and skirts, but also on boots and bags, making it one of the hottest street style fashion this year. Midi and maxi pleated skirts are also dominating the fashion scene. You can match these skirts with blouses, sweaters, turtlenecks varying it from a casual to office attire! Pleated skirts and dresses definitely create that curvy feminine look and is a very light and comfy attire for spring and summer!
  1. Bermuda shorts
Bermuda shorts are another big trend this spring/summer, with all major fashion shows showcasing them. Not only are Bermuda shorts stylish but they are also super comfy. You can wear them in a lot of different ways. You can style the Bermuda shorts for a sporty look but also for a chic look combined with an oversized blazer. You can even wear them with  feminine tops and puffed sleeve blouses for a sexy look. With the right styling tricks, the Bermuda shorts can be easily made to look elegant and polished, or casual and cool! Countless fashion bloggers and celebrities are following this trend, and you can too!

Our brand ambassadors are wearing our Bermuda Shorts and we must say, they are rocking the Bermuda shorts trend!

From Left to Right: @jenniferschijven, @manonn_o and @jessie.jaydee in The Luxury Bermuda.

We hope that you got some spring/summer 2020 fashion inspiration from this list, and will be trying these styles! Besides these trends, sustainable fashion is also a major trend this year, with many fashion brands designing sustainable clothing and promoting eco-friendly fashion. At MAGIC Bodyfashion, we are also shifting our focus towards more sustainable  fashion and designing sustainable products. Take a look at our MAGIC Cares project, which has been started for the purpose of conserving our environment and giving back to the community! Also, don’t forget to check out our two eco-friendly collections here:
Body Hugging Bamboo Collection & Repreve® Collection.

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Self-Care Tips: 10 Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself

Self-Care Tips: 10 Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself

Work, studies, family, household, social obligations, etc., these are all the things that keep us busy in our every day life. We are either very busy or too consumed with the technology, so we often forget to relax and recharge. With our daily life keeping us occupied, and work being our priority, self-care is usually at the end of our list, or not even there at all!

Even though life can get pretty stressful, it is important to give ourselves a break and practice some self-care. Right now, while social distancing because of the coronavirus, we might be a little less busy, but it does not make the situation much better. For some of us, it might even be more difficult, because we are shut inside our homes, away from friends and family, and this can trigger a mental health problem among a lot of people, the more reason why we need to try to take good care of ourselves, in order to maintain a healthy mind and body. A healthy mind and body helps us to concentrate better, gives us more energy to do every day activities and most of all, it makes us feel good.

Self-care is not all about putting a face mask on and having a bubble bath! It goes a lot deeper than that. Self-care is about putting yourself first, listening to your body and mind, and doing the things that help you de-stress and make you happy. In this blog article, we have compiled 10 small things you can do to take better care of yourself.

  1. Get enough sleep
Not getting enough sleep can cause major health issues, which is why it is  important to get a good night’s sleep. However, sometimes it is easier said than done. Stress and other distractions can affect our sleep. So, think about ways to avoid that. Think about your evening routine. Are you eating your dinner late or drinking coffee or other caffeinated drinks before bed? Try to have dinner at least 2 hours before bedtime, replace the coffee with a non-caffeinated herbal tea.

Next, reducing stress is key to sleeping soundly. Is there a work-related stress? Think about ways to relax after a long day at work, maybe watching a show you like. If the workload is too high and stressful, talk to your employer about it. And finally, make sure that your bedroom is free of distractions (such as television, laptop etc.), keep the temperature in the bedroom lower than other rooms in the house, and use darkening curtains that keep the light from waking you up too early in the morning, or use an eye-mask for blocking the light. Despite our hectic schedules, we need to maintain regular sleep routine to feel refreshed!
  1. Exercise regularly
Exercise regularly as a part of your self-care routine. Daily exercise can help you get physically fit, boost your mood and reduce stress and anxiety. While it may not be possible to go to the gym or do intense exercises every day (and not necessary), try to get moving at least 30 minutes every day. Go for a walk or running, do a bike ride, do yoga or go for a swim, whatever works for you and fits into your schedule, it all counts! Most importantly, create a routine and stick to it.
  1. Cook at home
In our busy lives, we often don’t take time to cook for ourselves, instead preferring to order fast food or getting some pre-made meal that can be popped in the microwave and is ready in minutes. While this may be easier, fast foods don’t have sufficient nutrients that our body needs. They are usually fatty, have high amounts of sugar and salt and can have negative impact on our health. If it is not possible to cook every day of the week, start by cooking a meal for yourself (and your family) a few days a week. Eating the right foods keeps us healthy and energized and has positive effect on our brain too! Swap sugary snacks with healthy alternatives like a handful of almonds. Some amazing self-care foods include nuts, green vegetables, blueberries, fish etc.
  1. Take time to disconnect
Disconnecting from time to time has its benefits. We let ourselves get easily influenced by things we see on social media, for instance, seeing a person flaunting their success has a tendency to make us feel insecure. The thing is, no one is posting about their failures online. We can also get overwhelmed by the news. Taking a break from social media, even for a short period, has its benefits. It helps to lessen anxieties and helps you eliminate the insecurities and stress that comes from the internet. Besides social media, also try to separate your work and me-time, disconnect from office emails in the evening and weekends!
  1. Don’t hesitate to say “No”
While you might have a life mantra that says “be selfless” and it is a great one, however, self-care requires you to be selfish, and say “no” more often than you think. Stress is caused most of the time by having too much to do, but having not enough time to do it. We, as humans, have a habit of saying “Yes, I can”, taking too much responsibility on our shoulders and stressing ourselves. So, in order to de-stress, we should reduce our workload, prioritize and manage time more effectively. This requires you to say “no” sometimes, and that’s perfectly okay!
  1. De-clutter and organize
Spend a few minutes a day de-cluttering. Clutter increases our stress hormones, reduces focus and creativity. In fact, you will feel more relaxed in a de-cluttered space. Create a space where you can put your keys, purse, briefcase and coat ready to go for the next day when you leave for work. And not just your desk and closet spaces, but also think about organizing your daily activities, plans and appointments. Keep a planner, or hang a calendar where you can write down your to-do’s. This will help you to get your life a bit more organized and a lot less stressful.
  1. Add meditation to your routine
Start by meditating for five minutes. Meditation calms our mind by eliminating the effect of stress. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, inhale and exhale and release any tension from your body. The key to properly meditating is to be aware of your breathing, and try not to wander off into other thoughts. If your thoughts wander, don’t worry, just try to re-focus on your breathing!
  1. Go outside
Take time to leave the house and get connected to nature, if possible. Stepping outside for a breath of fresh air, even only for a little bit, provides you with many health benefits, both physical and mental. Taking a short walk to the park or forest reduces your stress levels, helps you sleep better at night, maintains heart rate, boosts mental health and improves your immune system. No matter how busy you are, try to make it a habit to go outside.
  1. Get a hobby
Doing activities that you like has amazing benefits on your health. Maybe you already have a hobby or need to pick a new one, engaging in a hobby can reduce stress, it can be journaling or reading a book or painting, you might even discover your hidden talent! Take some time every week to do what you enjoy, but don’t obsess over it. For instance, don’t worry if you did not finish one book every week, rather try to keep it consistent for a long time than giving up after a few weeks, or days.
  1. Make “self-care” a part of your life
And finally, make “self-care” itself a part of your routine, try to find that extra time to plan a regular self-care time, it is extremely important. Look for small ways to incorporate it into your life, whether it is taking a long walk in the nature, taking a nice hot bath or watching that movie you had been looking forward to. Schedule a self-care time, do what works for you, but keep it consistent and make it a part of your life. Do not try all these things one week, and give up the next week. Being mindful and keeping consistency is the key!
We hope that these tips will help you take better care of yourself, and that you will start prioritizing your self-care, physical health and mental health above anything else.

Besides these tips, we received a sound advice from our MAGIC Lady, Nikki! Read her self-care tip below (with a bonus recipe):

“Live healthy, eat healthy foods, get enough sleep, exercise regularly. These are the things I've been doing these past few weeks, of course with some Netflix binge worthy days and a lot of snacking. But those days are also okay, we shouldn't be too harsh on ourselves right now. And I'm pretty sure everybody's pants are a little tighter right now ( are we even wearing pants anymore?) But it is still super important to take care of your body AND mind, especially now. Try to keep your body moving and take care of it by giving it enough nutrition. 

Smoothie bowls are my new addiction, almost making it every day. And you can vary so much with it! One of my favorite smoothie bowls is made with : Frozen mango, Chia seeds, Oat milk, 1 frozen Banana, Frozen coconut, and sometimes I will add a little scoop of peanut butter or vegan protein. ( depends if I did a little workout that day). And for toppings I LOVE to add some nuts, mostly walnuts.

I hope everybody is okay and healthy. 💕 "

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Top 5 Most Comfortable Bras: Seamless & Wireless By MAGIC Bodyfashion

Top 5 Most Comfortable Bras: Seamless & Wireless By MAGIC Bodyfashion

Bras that are supporting as well as comfortable, that sounds like a dream! But it is a reality at MAGIC Bodyfashion, with its full collection of seamless and wireless bras. When designing bras, shapewear and other underwear items, comfort and support are the main priorities at MAGIC Bodyfashion. We want to make sure that every woman feels comfortable, beautiful and confident in our products. Especially during days like these, when you are staying home, we want you to feel relaxed all day long.
This article is all about the seamless and wireless bras in our collection. Read all about them below:


  1. The Comfort Bra
The first item that we think about when it comes to seamless and wireless bras is our Comfort Bra. Made with soft, light and breathable fabrics, this is the ideal bra if you are looking for something comfortable to relax in. The bra comes with removable cups, which provides a natural shape and added support to your breasts. There are no seams and not a single wire, which not only makes it comfortable, but also does not show the bra under your outfits. The wide straps in the comfort bra divide the bust weight over a larger area, hence providing more comfort. You can wear the Comfort Bra to relax on your couch or even to do some yoga or light sports at home!

We also have a special
Pink Ribbon edition of the Comfort Bra in our collection, which was launched in collaboration with the Pink Ribbon Organization in order to raise awareness towards Breast Cancer. We have decided to donate 1 euro for every Pink Ribbon Comfort Bra sold. Due to enormous success after October 2019, we decided to continue selling the Pink Ribbon edition of the Comfort Bra and we will be continuing to donate to the Pink Ribbon Organization as well!
  1. The Dream Bra
Another ultra-comfy and soft bra that cannot be missed in your closet, is our Dream Bra. This bra is made of a smooth and seamless material, does not contain a wire and has a nice comfortable fit. The Dream bra comes in multiple colors and you can perfectly combine it with panties from the Dream Collection.  The removable cups in the bra give you nice cleavage and a natural shaping effect while also providing the ideal support. There is no closure in the bra which means no painful pressure on your back.

Not only does the Dream Bra come in several cute colors, it is also available in a lace design: the Dream Bra Lace!
The Dream Bra Lace is available in black, white and blush pink, and perfect to mix and match with the Dream Thong Lace and Hipster Lace.
  1. The Dream Bralette
Just like the Dream Bra, the Dream Bralette from the Dream Collection is one of the seamless and wireless bras, made up of a smooth and soft fabric. This seamless design ensures that it will make you feel comfortable all day long. The Dream Bralette is one of the cutest and most popular bras in our collection!

This beautiful Dream Bralette comes in multiple colors, and also in
velvet and lace variations. You have so many options to choose from and you can also combine it with other items from the Dream Collection.
  1. The Bandeau Push-Up Bra
The Comfort Bandeau is an ultimate bra for when you are looking for a comfortable strapless bra. Just like the Comfort Bra, the Comfort Bandeau is made of soft, light and breathable fabric which makes it a comfortable wear all day long. The Comfort Bandeau gives the bust beautiful curves due to the built-in and removable push-up cushions. It is perfect to wear with any strapless style outfit, or cute to wear under a nice jacket. The fully seamless and wireless design will keep you comfortable while giving you a chic stylish look!

  1. The Body Hugging Bamboo Collection
The Body Hugging Bamboo collection is one the sustainable collections by MAGIC Bodyfashion. Not only is The Body Hugging Bamboo collection sustainable, it is also extremely comfortable. Currently in this collection, you can find the Comfort Bra, the Comfort Bra – Spaghetti and the Bandeau Push-Up Bra. The Body Hugging Bamboo Collection of MAGIC Bodyfashion is made with natural, green and eco-friendly Tanboocel™ Bamboo fibers. The unique properties of bamboo fabric (softness, better ventilation than cotton, moisture absorbent and antiallergenic) combined with the durability of the fabric provide a perfect alternative to traditional textiles. These bras have built-in support and wireless design. The removable inlay cups take care of a perfect bust shape.

Stay stylish and comfy with these wireless and seamless bras by MAGIC Bodyfashion. With these comfortable bra options, we are sure that you will have the utmost comfort while you are relaxing or working from home.
Find the full Seamless & Wireless Collection by MAGIC Bodyfashion

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10 Ways to Stay Productive While Working from Home

10 Ways to Stay Productive While Working from Home

The recent outbreak of the coronavirus has most people staying at home and working from home, which means you might be too! Although remote based jobs are getting more popular lately, a lot of people are quite new to the work-from-home lifestyle. So, if you are also new to working from home due to the coronavirus or you’ve found a remote based job, you will need to make some changes to your routines and habits to stay productive and make working from home a success.

The major things that you need to make sure while working from home are: Building a Healthy Routine, Taking Care of Your Physical and Mental Wellbeing and Staying Connected to Your Team. The MAGIC Bodyfashion team has been working from home, and we can give you some useful tips. Here are 10 Ways to stay productive while working from home:


1. Maintain Regular Work Hours
Set a schedule and stick to it. One of the benefits of working from home is flexibility, so you could sometimes start earlier or later. However, do not make it a habit and try to stick to regular working hours. It is also easy to work late when you work from home, try to avoid that. Set clear priorities and have clear guidelines for when to work and when to call it a day. This helps to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

2. Start and End your Day with a Routine
Create a routine at the start and end of your work hours. For example, wake up at a fixed time in the morning, make coffee, get dressed, apply make-up etc. At the end of the day, sign off on a work messaging app, go for a walk or have a yoga session. Creating a routine like this one will help you get started in the morning and help you look forward to something after work. Keep these routines consistent.
3. Set Break Times
As mentioned earlier, it is easy to work late while working from home. Don’t forget to take some breaks in between your work hours, just like your breaks at the office. Try to give yourself some time away from the screen. Take your lunch break in its entirety and do not be tempted to work while eating your lunch.
4. Create a Dedicated Workstation and Ground Rules
Set up a dedicated and neat workstation. Not everyone can set up an office at home, but try to create a space at your desk or on your table meant only for work. And then set some ground rules around it. For example, if your children are at home with you, set a rule that they do not disturb you while you are at your work desk.

5. Stay Active
Do not let staying at home become a reason to be lazy. Try to exercise whenever possible. To the extent that it’s allowed and safe to leave your home, go for a walk around the block, while maintaining the social distance guidelines of course. Or go for a jog in the morning, since you don’t have the commuting time while working from home. This applies also for your work at the office, try to get out of the building once a day, to stretch your legs and get some fresh air.
6. Stay Positive
Not only has our work lifestyle changed, we are also restricted from a lot of our regular activities during the coronavirus outbreak. It is not easy for us to stay away from our friends and family. The best we can do is stay positive during this time and not get impacted by negativity around us. We will all get through this together.
7. Maintain a Healthy Diet
No matter where you work from, it is important to maintain your health and follow a healthy diet. That’s even easier to do while working from home! Take time to prepare healthy meals, maintain a regular breakfast and lunch schedule and do not skip meals. Make sure to drink plenty of water as well.

8. Have Regular Contact with Your Team
Plan a regular touch base with your team. Arrange meetings to discuss not only work-related things, but also non-work topics. During a time where we have very minimum human contact, keeping in touch with your team is very important.
9. Keep Your Team Informed About Your Priority and Work Progress
Keep your team in the loop about your daily tasks, priority and progress. Do not hesitate to ask for help if your workload is too much, and do not forget to offer help to your teammates as well if you have extra time.
10. Ensure you have all the tools
You might need some extra software and/or programs to collaborate with your team for work, to get access to office files, and to stay in touch with colleagues. Make sure you have access to all the remote tools, co-working tools, shared video and messaging apps.

We can assure you that these tips will help you to stay productive while working from home. Besides these tips, one of MAGIC Bodyfashion’s brand ambassadors, Jessie, collaborated with us to share her work from home tips and schedule; which we want to share with you!


“There’s no dress code, no travel time, and you can organize your own time. Working from home has its advantages. However still, being productive can be challenging.
Here are some tips on how I stay productive!

Make an efficient schedule
Sleeping in and being lazy in the morning can be a huge temptation. However, I try to get up early so I keep a normal rhythm. I start my workday at 9.00am and always make a simple to-do list for the day. Besides my work tasks I also include my personal planning, because it helps me to keep an overview. Avoid working too long, by for example keeping your normal office hours. It’s fine to play around with your schedules as long as you get everything done. Especially schedule your breaks, this will help you to stay focused until it’s time for lunch!

My schedule looks something like this:
08.15 Get up
09.00 Start working
10.00 Coffee-break
10.30 Work
12.00 Lunch and go for a walk
13.00 Work
16.00 Workout/go for a walk

Pretend as if you’re going to the office 
Keeping structure is very important to successfully work from home. A great tip is to pretend as if you’re going to the office. Wake up around the same time every day, dress up, and put on some makeup. Leave those relaxed sweatpants in your closet. For me personally I link certain outfits to emotions/moods, so it works better to just wear normal clothes. My outfit tip: Pair the comfy MAGIC Dream Bralette Lace with a nice jacket!

Create a comfortable workspace
Working on your laptop from the couch can be pretty tempting. However, it’s not good for your back and won’t make you productive. So, if you have a desk or table make sure its tidied up and make your own comfy workspace!

Don’t get distracted
I am a very neat and organized person when it comes to my apartment, whenever there is a mess, I get distracted (Mess creates stress). So, for me it is extra important to keep my place clean and tidy. Also, you won’t make much progress in your work if your phone is close by. So, it might help if you put your phone away. Instagram can wait!

Get some fresh air and keep your body active 
Go outside! It is relaxing and will help you to get through your day. You can use your flexible schedule to take fitness breaks. I like to go for a walk after lunch because it helps me to be productive again during the second part of my day! Also, I try doing yoga or a 10 minute meditation in the morning to start my day full of energy.

You go girl!
Another advice which really helps me is to reward myself. For example, do a mini spa, read your favorite book, or play a videogame when you finish a project or reach a goal. You can create a list of small things that make you happy and use them when you achieve your goals.

Good luck during quarantine, girls, we can do this! “

Click on the images to shop Jessie's looks.


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Share Your MAGIC: We Are In This Together

Share Your MAGIC: We Are In This Together

This is our new reality. The word has changed so much over the last few weeks with the outbreak of coronavirus, in a way we could never have imagined. No family dinners, no parties with friends, no travelling, no visits to grandparents, this is hard for all of us! But now we are also aware that taking these measures is a small part that we can play in this much bigger crisis. Our the health professionals all over the world are working endless hours to help improve the situation, and we can help them by staying home, so that we can control the spread of the virus and not overwhelm the hospitals more than they already are. 

At MAGIC Bodyfashion, we wanted to start a positive movement called "Share Your MAGIC". So first thing, we asked our team, our national and international partners and distributors and our brand ambassadors to share a positive message along with their photo, each carrying a word, a piece of puzzle. As a result, we have this beautiful picture collage with an even beautiful message! 

Read the positive and heartwarming messages below:

Josh & Candice (Marketing Manager and Advisor, Ohio, US)
We are generally optimistic people and during these troubling times we have kept the same attitude. We take the situation for what it is, and make the best of it by focusing on what is good in the world and around us. Some things we've been doing include home improvements, cooking and baking, and preparing for our first baby to be born very soon. As we enjoy being isolated together in our home, our thoughts go out to the rest of the world. 

Dimitri (PDL Distributors, South Africa)
Heading into our lockdown I felt quite nervous about the thought of staying at home and not being able to move around freely.  On the other hand it was a consoling thought knowing that I would have quality time with my wife and kids, something that is usually a luxury. 
To remain positive each day, I set up a good routine:

- Waking up and dressing as if I am going somewhere casual
- Cleaning as if I am expecting guests
- Eating meals by certain times as if I am due to be somewhere
- Putting in enough work to feel like I have achieved for the day
- Maintaining a daily exercise routine (even though it is within the confines of our property due to the strict lockdown rules)
- Most importantly, dedicating time to my family and doing things that our busy lives would ordinarily not allow time for.
So for me PURPOSE for every hour of the day is the key to remaining positive.

Tim (Warehouse Manager, The Netherlands)
In this time we have to take distance from each other, but also in this time our love and spirit is stronger than ever! Together we are strong, together we'll fight and together we'll overcome!

Maria (Brand Ambassador, Germany)
Use this time to connect to your inner self, to take care of your body and mind. Mediate, squat, eat healthy, love and Hakuna matata 🤗

Janine (Team Leader Benelux Sales, The Netherlands)
How nice it would be at this time, now that we all work from home to turn our feelings and thoughts off.
Just to let go of everything and not think about all the misery.
Unfortunately this is not possible.
Therefore, try to stay positive and laugh every day, you are stronger when you stay positive.
Every day I start making my bed, that is how I have already completed a task and that gives me energy.
I am grateful for everything I have .
I am enthusiastic about life, healthy and full of energy.
Every day I have the feeling that it is MAGIC.

Esther (Intern Sales Analysis, The Netherlands)
Hi everyone, I hope you are all well.  During these strange weeks I like to still enjoy the company of my friends, but this time online. You can find many fun quizzes and other online initiatives to meet up with your friends or family online in the evenings and weekends. It is also great to watch a good movie on Netflix when you are alone, but try to avoid sitting still all day long, mix it up with doing a workout at home or take some extra time to cook a great dinner. Good luck to you all, have fun and stay safe!

Yi (Intern Product Management, China)
Even if now it is a difficult time for everyone to just stay at home, it’s also a nice time to do some amazing things. At this moment, you can call your friends who haven’t been in touch for a long time because of your busy work; or you can read a book you always wanted to read but no time; and you also could stay up late to talk from the bottom of your heart to your family… Always keep happy, don’t be afraid, we are all together. ❤

Femke (Administrative Assistant, The Netherlands)
I was in the supermarket a couple of days ago, and it was busy. As I was making my way outside some people tried to get in and it was obvious we couldn’t maintain our 1,5 meters distance. So we awkwardly all stood there in the entrance of the supermarket, contemplating on what to do next. In this moment we all just smiled at each other.. in agreement of this weird situation. In that moment I realized that we are all in this together. We are all going through something we have never had to go through before. So in these weird times of social distance, we can still smile! Let your fellow human know he or she is not alone. We will get through this together!

Rishma (Online Marketing Intern, Nepal)
It is a difficult time for all of us! Not being able to see family and friends might be the hardest of all. But this too will pass, and once again, we will be able to hug those close to our hearts! Until then, let’s stay in and look at the world from our windows. Let’s heal inside while our planet heals outside. Let’s take this moment to slow down, read, learn a new skill and most importantly take care of our health, both mental and physical. Let’s stay connected by staying apart, and that is how we will flatten the curve!

This is a beautiful example of how at this moment, we are separated by borders, we are isolated in our homes with the least human contact, but we are united by mutual feelings of hope, positivity and togetherness. We are proud of this Share Your MAGIC movement, and by sharing this movement with a hashtag #shareyourmagic, we are spreading the word to the world encouraging everyone to share their magic, to make these hard times a little less hard and a little more magical! 

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MAGIC Cares about spreading motivation and inspiring others to stay healthy and active! Although currently all sports clubs are closed, this should not be a reason to stop moving; stay active and take care of your health. MAGIC Bodyfashion has decided to collaborate with Maria, who is also our brand ambassador, who has a great interest and knowledge in sports. She shares her two quick intensity workout-at-home routines: one for the lower body and one for the upper body. 
Intensity workout means that the routine is done in cycles, without taking long breaks. This type of workout not only trains the muscles, but also involves cardio. 
Maria’s routines are made especially for the beginners; however, it can also be a great warm up for those who are experienced in fitness at home!
Before we get into the exercises, make sure to read our “FITNESS AT HOME: TIPS, OUTFIT, TOOLSblog, where you will find great tips on how to start to workout at home, what tools you can use and what outfit is the best to wear during the at home workouts.



It focuses on the lower body and abs
Do each exercise for 40 seconds (FOR ONE SIDE/LEG)
Take a 10 second break between each exercise
Repeat the cycle of the exercises 4 times
Take a 1-minute break between the cycles
For those with more experience: you can also include weights or elastic bands in this routine
Pick a comfortable and breathable outfit. For this workout Maria chose: the Yoga Bra and the Yoga Crop Pants
Exercise 1: Side Bridges

The best way to start the first exercise is laying down on one side. Make sure your legs are straight and prop yourself up on your elbow (as in the picture). Place the other arm on your upper hip.
Once you got in the right starting position, lift your hips off the ground using your core muscles. It is very important that your body is in a straight line from your feet to your head.
Stay in the Side Bridge position for 40 seconds, then take a 10 second break and move on to the other side of your body with the same exercise. Once you are done with both sides, take another 10 second break before starting with a new exercise. 

Exercise 2: Inner Thigh Lifts

After a 10 second break, start with Inner Thigh Lifts. Again, lay down on one side, with your legs slightly in front of you, creating a banana shape. Prop yourself up on your elbow, make sure to keep your back and neck aligned.
To get into the right position, place your top foot in front of your hips to rest and stretch the bottom leg. Then, slowly start lifting your bottom leg and slowly put it down again (do not bend your knees and keep your bottom leg straight the entire time).
Keep on repeating the movement of lifting your bottom leg up and down for 40 seconds. Once you are done with one side, take a 10 second break, and repeat with the other side for 40 seconds. Again, end with a 10 second break, before moving on to the next exercise. 

Exercise 3: Lying Leg Lifts

Once the short break after the previous exercise is over, stay laying on one side with the arms positioned the same as the previous exercise and bring your front leg back for the Lying Leg Lifts.
Before you start, make sure to move your bottom leg slightly in front of your top leg. Then start by lifting your top leg up, leave it up there for a short while and slowly bring it back down. Repeat for 40 seconds on both sides, with a 10 second break in between.

Exercise 4: Table Top Leg Lifts

After a 10 second break after the previous exercise, get on your hands and knees for Table Top Leg Lifts. Involve your glute muscles and keep them squeezed while lifting your leg up and back toward the ceiling. Extend your hip as you kick back.
Once again, repeat the kick movement for 40 seconds on each side, with a 10 second pause between the side switch.

Exercise 5: Hip Lifts

Once the break is over, start with getting into a position for Hip Lifts. Lay down on your back, bend your legs and create a hip width distance between both feet. If you can touch your heels with your fingers, it means you are at the right starting position for the exercise.
Now you are ready to lift your hips, by creating a straight line starting from your shoulders to the knees. Do not forget to involve your abs and glute muscles while doing this.
Repeat the exercise by lifting and lowering the hips for 40 seconds and do not forget to take a 10 second break before starting with the last exercise.

Exercise 6: Single Leg Hip Lifts

Start by laying down on your back. Bend your legs and create a hip-width distance between both feet, just like in the previous exercise.
Once you are in the correct starting position, lift your hips, by creating a straight line starting from your shoulders to the knees. This time with every hip lift, also lift one leg, keeping the balance on the other (see in the picture).
Repeat the exercise for 40 seconds for each side, with the 10 second break in between.

Repeat the cycle of all exercises 4 times and then the workout is
over. You did it!

It focuses on the upper body: shoulders and biceps.
Do each exercise for 40/60 seconds (FOR ONE SIDE/ARM)
Take a 20 second break between each exercise
Repeat the cycle of the exercise 5 times
Take a 1-minute break between the cycles
For the ones with more experience: you can also include additional weights
Pick a comfortable and breathable activewear outfit. For this workout Maria chose: the Comfort Bra and the Yoga Crop Pants

Exercise 1: Upright Row

Start by standing straight and with your feet at shoulder-width apart. Hold the weights in each hand, palms facing toward your body and the weights touching the quads.
Once you are in the right starting position, lift your elbows up so the weights are in line with your chest (see image). Keep on repeating this movement slowly and do it for 40 seconds.

Exercise 2: Lateral Raise

After taking a 10 second break, stand straight again, hold the weights in both hands. Make sure that weights are in front of your abdomen with palms facing each other.

Start the exercise by raising the weights out to the sides, use your shoulder muscles, make sure to feel the pressure there. Raise as high as shoulder height and slowly return into the starting position.
Keep on repeating the movement for 40 seconds and end it with a 10 second break before the following exercise.

Exercise 3: Biceps Curl

Again, get into the position to start the exercise by standing straight. Make sure your feet are hip-width apart and you are holding the weights at your sides.

Start the exercise by bending your elbow, without moving the upper arm part. Push the weight towards your shoulder. Slowly lower the weights back to the starting position. 

Repeat the movement for 40 seconds, on each hand. Do not forget the 10 second break in between the arm switch and at the end of the exercise. 

Exercise 4: Bent At Elbow Rise

Just like the previous exercise start by standing up straight. Make sure your feet are hip-width apart and you are holding the weights at your sides.

Start the exercise by bending your elbows, without moving the upper arm part. This time push the weights towards each other, as in the picture. 

This exercise needs a bit longer than the previous ones and should be repeated for 60 seconds. 

Repeat the cycle of all exercises 5 times and then the workout is
over. You did it!

We hope that you'll enjoy this workout as much as we did! 

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Fitness at Home: Tips, Outfit, Tools and Quick Workout Routine with our MAGIC Lady Maria

Fitness at Home: Tips, Outfit, Tools and Quick Workout Routine with our MAGIC Lady Maria

Sports at home, just like at the gym, requires proper attitude and preparation. Home-based training can help you be more active, healthy and athletic, and it also requires appropriate knowledge and consistent principles.

Here are some tips to help you get started or follow your home workout routine:

Set training mode. Adhering to a workout plan is easier if you have a consistent workout routine. For training, select specific days and times, the best area of ​​the house where exercising is most comfortable. Don't allow yourself to be lazy just because you're home.

Eliminate various interferences. There are many objects in the house that distract our attention: a computer, a TV, mobile phone, various items that remind us of other activities. All of this interferes with concentration and knocks you out of your training rhythm. So, during the workout it´s important to put such distractions aside and focus only on your workout.

Don't forget warm-up and stretching exercises. Since these exercises usually do not require any additional equipments and consist of body weight movements, you can do a good warm-up and stretching at home.

Change workouts. It's often harder to come up with a variety of workouts at home, so it's easy to stay in the same workout routine. But it is important to keep this in mind and try to make your workouts as diverse as possible, otherwise there is a risk of strain and progressive overload.

Good ventilation. Ventilate well before and during training. Excessive amounts of CO2 indoors can significantly affect your performance, given that your need for oxygen during exercise is increased.

Try to exercise as early as possible. Postponing workouts for the second half of the day or delaying them later should be avoided. It is better to exercise in the morning, when you get up, and at the same time you will be energized throughout the day.

Keep water near you. Do not start exercising without a bottle of water ready next to you and thinking you’ll just get it later. When you have water near you, not only will you save time exercising, but also ensure that you are drinking when you're thirsty. Proper hydration is essential to maintain energy and concentration.

Tools to help with sports at home:

Jumping Rope is one of the best home-workout tools. It helps to develop fitness, strengthens leg muscles, breathing and cardiovascular system, slimming the figure. Jumping can quickly get rid of the extra kilos and fat on your belly. The jumping and arm motions also help tones your leg and arms muscles. Weight loss exercises in jumping do not require any special skills or time - you do not have to go to the gym or exercise outdoors, you can just easily do it at home.

At the gym or home, do not forget the towel - it is needed not only after training, but also during training. The towel is one of the most necessary tool for sports, it helps you stay dry and fresh while working out. When working out at home, it can also be a great substitute for a yoga mat.

Best sports wear to workout at home:

Of course, you also need good quality clothing that can help you do your exercises better and feel better at the same time. When exercising at home or at the gym, you should not be afraid to sweat and you need to make sure that your sportswear can absorb the sweat and keep you dry through the workout. Therefore, it´s very important to pay attention to the material of your sportswear. It is recommended to choose clothes made of synthetic fabrics, which have a slower rate of bacterial growth and do not require extra care.

MAGIC Bodyfashion’s Activewear collection, not only offers best quality and comfort, but also has many different styles to choose from.

Find all the MAGIC Activewear here.

A quick workout routine with our MAGIC Lady Maria:

Quarantine should not stop us from being active and taking care of our well-being. Therefore, in collaboration with our brand ambassador Maria, we would love to share this fun tip and a quick workout routine!

You can find the routine HERE.

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